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electrical panel upgrades melbourne fl

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Melbourne, FL

There are many reasons you may need electrical panel upgrades in Melbourne, FL. Perhaps you’ve added new appliances that draw heavily upon the electrical system in your home. Maybe you’ve increased the size of your home through additions or renovations and need a new panel to keep pace. Another reason to upgrade the panel is that perhaps the original one is old, and it’s just time to put in a new one that’s efficient and adheres to all modern building codes.

You can count on us at Admic Electric Inc. to be the electrical company to handle all of your residential and commercial projects. In addition to working on new and existing homes, we’ve also completed jobs in retail properties, warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, schools, and hotels. We have more than 34 years of experience, so you know you can count on us.

In addition to upgrading your panel, we do all types of electrical installations and repair jobs. If you want to have a generator installed to make up for when the electrical power grid fails, we can do that.

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