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Complete Residential Electrical Services in Melbourne, FL

Ensure your home's electrical system is working correctly with services from Admic Electric Inc. We offer a variety of residential electrical services in Melbourne, FL, to handle all installations, upgrades, and repairs.

Our experienced electricians have the skills and equipment needed to handle any project for your home. From upgrading fuse boxes to circuit panels to installing new lighting to repairing damaged wiring, we take care of it all. We even provide assistance with energy conservation projects, making your home more environmentally friendly while saving you money on your electric bills. So when you need a skilled electrician to provide home electrical repairs or upgrades, trust our team to handle the work.

Powering Your New Home

Building a new home is always a fantastic investment. And, when it comes to powering your new residence, it is best to turn to an experienced electrical company to take care of installing your new electrical system. With our new construction electrician, you can rest easy knowing that the wiring and circuit panels are correctly installed in your new home. We will also ensure that you have ample lighting and outlets throughout your property and that your system is capable of handling all your appliances and electronics.

Contact us when you need a residential electrician to provide electrical repairs or upgrades for your home. We proudly serve Melbourne, FL, and the surrounding areas.  

Dealing with Electrical Issues

Do the lights regularly blink in your home? Do you find that your circuit breakers trip quite often? These and many other problems are a sign of issues with your home's electrical systems. At Admic Electric, we are here to help by providing comprehensive electrical repairs. Our experienced technicians have the tools and skills needed to thoroughly troubleshoot your electrical circuits to diagnose the problems with your systems. Once we have identified any issues, our team will provide you with solutions to deal with the issues, ensuring that your lights and sockets are safe to use.

We will fix everything from shorted wiring to damaged breakers and will ensure that all repairs meet the standards set out by the electrical code. This way, you know that your appliances and electronics will function correctly and that your family is safe to use the electrical systems throughout your property. So when you are having issues with your plugs or switches, trust our experienced electrical professionals to find the right solutions to deal with the problem. To learn more about the repair services we have to offer or to schedule a visit from our experienced team, reach out to our office.